The greatest run-scorer in the history of T20 cricket, Chris Gayle, has nominated his favourite innings – and it might surprise you what he chose.

The self-proclaimed Universe Boss talks about his dynamic career as an international cricketer and the journey to becoming a crowd favourite for T20 franchises around the world during the latest episode of the Spartan Sports Talk podcast on iTunes.

In a broad interview with host Paul Cochrane, Gayle tells of his hopes to make a return to the test arena and play again in the Big Bash League in Australia.

That is despite the scrutiny he came under following comments he made during a game for the Melbourne Renegades last season.

“Yeah I was let down. I was let down by a lot of people who could have been a lot more supportive,” Gayle said.

“It’s a learning experience. I have moved on. I can’t get away from it because when I walk down the street the first thing people say is ‘don’t blush baby’. So that’s something I have to live with. That will be there for years.”

Gayle talks about his love affair with his Indian Premier League franchise the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the pride he feels playing for its Red Army of fans.

He said he is determined to deliver an IPL title for RCB, perhaps as soon as this current season of the annual tournament.

The former West Indian captain talks about his passion for cricket and reveals himself as a student of the game. And he says he has a lot more to offer his struggling nation at international level.

“I’m very good at captaining teams. Very good. I’m not bragging or boasting but I’m very good. I’m always ahead of the game which all captains need to be anyway,” he said.

“You have to analyse the game the night before. So that’s important. You have to analyse your opponents the night before. So that’s important.”

“But what’s more important is who your captaining. The guys you’re captaining. Who you’re leading on the field. That’s the most important. Those are the guys you really need to know how to actually lead them.”

“The key is to get respect from your team. You have to know how to get the best out of your players.”

The episode is an intriguing insight into one of the world’s most popular athletes, who says he is “misunderstood” by a large part of the public.

You can listen to the episode with Chris Gayle by subscribing to Spartan Sports Talk on iTunes.

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